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There is a growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of various complementary and alternative medicine approaches in the management of headache disorders. There is an increasing demand for natural treatment of headaches. These complementary modes are natural, inexpensive, harmless and effective. These treatments are safe, effective and affordable and can be used as alternative monotherapy option or as ‘‘add on’’ preventive and treatment therapy.
Migoherb is internationally acclaimed herbal formula intended to help relieve migraine headaches,tension and stress headaches. Natural herbs in Migoherb are clinically proven to be especially effective in prophylaxis of chronic migraine. Long-term experience with these natural herbs and supplements show their safety and high efficiency in treatment of headaches. Migoherb is designed to support healthy brain function and promote relief from headaches before the pain ever begins.

Migraine therapy is based on drugs that reduce the excitability of the CNS (antiepileptics, calcium antagonists, etc.) or others that antagonize the inflammatory phase of the migraine attacks. The current therapies have, often, an insufficient efficacy and are accompanied with a numerous side effects. For these reasons many of these treatments are not preferred to manage headache patients.
Herbal therapy has been used as treatment for headache disorders for centuries. Butterbur and feverfew are the two herbal oral preparations best studied and have really helped many patients with migraine and other headache types, especially those who have been refractory to pharmaceutical modes of therapy and patients who have had intolerable side effects from pharmaceutical medications. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of feverfew and butterbur in the management of headache disorders.

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Migraines are usually characterized by severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation. They are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Almost one percent of the population suffer from some form of migraine. The worst thing about a migraine attack is that it can last for hours to days may incapacitate the person for a day to weeks also. Modern medicines offer symptomatic remedies to migraine but no long-term and safe cure is available yet. Ayurveda offers several natural herbal formulations that not only bring symptomatic relief but also offers long term benefits without any side effects. Ayurvedic formulations reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. And in some cases, it can completely control the condition naturally.


Here are the herbs used in Migoherb for producing best medicine for migraines that Ayurvedic and herbal doctors trust to treat migraines globally:


Feverfew is a very popular herb which is very effective in calming migraine attacks. Belonging to the Asteraceae family of plants, feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a European herb and is native to the Balkan Peninsula. It was recorded in the first century as having anti-inflammatory properties by the Greek physicians the plant grows into a small bush and has pretty, daisy-like flowers and characteristic scented leaves. It spreads rapidly, and if not tamed the plant will cover a wide area after a few years. Today, feverfew has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and is approved for use in the prevention of migraine headaches which can last for hours or days, and may be preceded by warning signs.


A specialized extract of PA free butterbur root extract has demonstrated impressive efficacy in preventing migraine headaches. Also used in Germany as a prescription remedy, this plant extract can reduce the frequency of migraine to a great extent when used daily for three to four months. Scientists believe that butterbur works by promoting the relaxation of smooth muscle lining cerebral blood vessel walls and by combating inflammation.

A dosage of 50-75 mg of standardized butterbur extracts twice daily for up to four months has demonstrated efficacy in migraine prevention. Humans should only consume commercially processed butterbur extracts that are free from potentially harmful pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Migoherb has highest purity of PA Free Butterbur and is an ayurvedic herbal formulation effective in migraine and headaches. It has cooling and calming effects that brings relief from chronic headaches immediately. It is blessed with properties like natural vasodilatation, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic.

Ayurveda is known to offer safe and herbal remedies that cure the disorders by eliminating root cause. However, for better efficacy and safety, it is always recommended to use Ayurvedic and herbal formulations after doctor’s consultation.


This information is intended only as a general reference for further exploration, and is not a replacement for professional health advice. Accordingly, this information should be used only under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

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Migraine & Headache Support


The best healing herbs from around the world.


Adults ; Take 1 capsule 2 times daily after meals

Important Precautions

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or taking medications, please consult with your doctor before
use. Store away from children. Use only as directed on label.
Safety-sealed for your protection. Keep bottle capped at all times and store in a cool, dry place.

Featured Herbs

Fever few (Tanacetum Parthenium)

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) has a long history of use to treat headaches and migraine. Traditionally, the herb has been used as an antipyretic, analgesic and as anti-inflammatory agent.

Butterbur (Petasites hybridus)

Petasites hybridus root extract, also known commonly as ‘‘butterbur’’, has been touted as effective new treatment for migraine and headache prevention.


It is a species of willow native to Europe and Western & Central Asia. The bark of SA is a plant used in folk medicine for the treatment of chronic and acute inflammation